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Health Coaching


Why a Pharmacist as your Health Coach?

As a Pharmacist Health Coach, I assist clients with weight loss, stress management, nutrition, and better sleep, keeping in mind their specific medical conditions, prescriptions and dietary supplements. I look at all aspects of a client’s life and explore bioindividuality with them to determine the diet that works best for them. In working collaboratively with clients, I help them implement and integrate simple, yet powerful step-by-step changes into their lifestyle which can result in achieving optimal health.  Similar to a personal trainer, I am there to guide, encourage and hold them accountable for those changes. 


What To Expect

By focusing on food and simple lifestyle changes, I have been able to help individuals:

     1.  Lose weight

     2.  Improve cholesterol levels

     3.  Control blood sugar

     4.  Sleep better

     5.  Reduce stress

     6.  Increase energy

     7.  Feel great about food choices which can benefit the whole family

     8.  Improve health outcomes


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