Bela Patel, Pharm.D


I’ve always had a fascination regarding the way drugs work in our body to create  specific pharmacological effects.  In my case, specifically, it was the effect of my inhalers working to bronchodialate my lungs and provide relief for my asthma attacks.  This interest and curiosity led me to a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from UC San Diego and then a Doctorate of Pharmacy from USC.  

As a Consultant Pharmacist practicing in nursing homes for the last 17 years, I reviewed patients’ charts and made recommendations regarding their drug therapy in an effort to try to reduce the number of medications, minimize drug interactions and improve their overall health.  What I found through the years is that many of the residents were getting younger, and their cases significantly more complex, thereby requiring even more harsh and powerful drugs.  Much of the time, it was very clear that a better lifestyle and nutritional choices could have resulted in a different outcome. 

While practicing, I discovered that although the medications would treat the symptoms, we unfortunately often fail to understand and treat the root cause of the condition itself.  Similarly, several years ago, I realized my anxiety and certain food triggers often would cause insomnia and allergic reactions, including asthma attacks.  I was taking three different inhalers and now facing the prospect of taking a sedative for the anxiety.  Instead, I opted to change my diet and started practicing yoga and meditation—and the results were astounding. Perhaps the most profound realization is understanding that what we put into and onto our bodies has a tremendous impact in disease prevention, treatment, and overall well being.  Making a decision to eat real, non-chemicalized foods and living a lifestyle in balance can allow our body to access its own internal pharmacy and help with healing itself. 

My passion for helping people heal naturally, through food and alternative therapies, drove me to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City.  Now I am able to combine my medical background with this training to help clients create happier and healthier lives. 

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